LACDR Fall Symposium: The 4 dimensions; in space and time


Gorlaeus Laboratories
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden


Elizabeth (Liesbeth) de Lange

In a living system, events occur in space and time, within the spatial boundary of that system . Therefore, in order to understand the system, information is needed on space- and time- dependency of components that contribute to the events. By examining the linkages and interactions between these components, systems science is an important approach to fully understand the living system.

In this LACDR Fall symposium four speakers will discuss their highly diverse research approaches based on living systems, in which space and/or time elements are specifically addressed.

Entrance is free, after registration.


Chair: Dr. Liesbeth de Lange

13.15 – 13.30


Prof. dr. Hubertus Irth – LACDR

13.30 – 14.10

Keynote lecture:

Prof. dr. Andreas Linninger – University of Illinois, Chicago, USA

‘A 3D model of human brain, cerebral flow, metabolism, and drug delivery’

14.10 – 14.35

Prof. dr. Joke Meijer - LUMC

‘On the biological clock of living systems’

14.35 – 15.05


15.05 – 15.30

Dr. Anton Roks – Erasmus MC

‘Towards stopping blood vessels from ageing’

15.30 – 15.55

Prof. dr. Joke Bouwstra – LACDR

‘Barrier function of atopic dermatitis, a relapsing inflammatory skin disease’

15.55 – 16.10

Suzanne Hovinga Award

Dr. Laura Heitman and the award winner

16.10 – 17.10

Closing and drinks